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Marine Satellite TV and VSAT Solutions
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[ponuda] Marine Satellite TV and VSAT Solutions
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MEC is company specialized in design, installation and support of satellite communication solutions for the commercial and leisure marine markets. Formed in 1995 our mission statement has remained consistent to offer our clients the best technical solution at a competitive price, satisfying precise requirements for value and innovation. Whether you run a yacht, a coastal tug, an ocean going container ship, cruise liner or a speed ferry, MEC will provide a technically compliant turn-key solutions for off-shore operation that best suits your requirements and budget. Our experienced and certified sales and tech team provides quality support at manufacturer specifications delivering the quality service you can depend on which has not only been field proven a number of times, but has continued to undergo improvements in design and technology. As summary, by choosing MEC you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality product backed by experienced personnel. MEC is NMEA member and deals with SeaTel VSAT & TV at Sea systems (DBS/DTH, B, C, Fleet 33, 55, 77), radar, autopilot, GPS, echosounder, navigation instrument, MF/HF SSB, VHF and Internal Communications (CCTV, PA, PABX, Talkback etc.).
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