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Vodovod, bravarija, plin, centralno grijanje: details
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Vodovod, bravarija, plin, centralno grijanje
Name: Surname:
Zvonimir Trakoštanec
Address Zip City/town
V. Čolje 158 42220 Novi Marof
Phone numbers: Fax Cell phone:
E-mail: Web page (URL)
Craft Register of the Republic of Croatia

Other potential activities:
  • Construction locksmithery
Production program - typical products and services: Production of metal products - doors, tops, fences.
Important references, products, and services:
Year of registration: 1985
Number of employees: 1
Workshop surface (in square meters): 0
Equipment and machinery: Drills, welding containers
Free capacity:
Awards, innovations, acknowledgements:
Communication languages German
Certificates, e.g. ISO 9000:
Other information:
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