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Proizvodnja opruga, alata i metalne galanterije Ervojić: details
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Proizvodnja opruga, alata i metalne galanterije Ervojić
Name: Surname:
Mato Ervojić
Address Zip City/town
Bulinac 46 43273 Bulinac
Phone numbers: Fax Cell phone:
E-mail: Web page (URL)
Craft Register of the Republic of Croatia

Other potential activities:
  • Stamping
  • Bending
Production program - typical products and services: Production of springs (fabric, pressure, torsion, wire forms), production of handles for metal and plastic buckets (packaging for paints and varnishes), production of perforated cable channels.
Important references, products, and services: Perforated ducts for cables with due equipment, all kinds of springs in material dimension, 0.4-10 mm
Year of registration: 1989
Number of employees: 3
Workshop surface (in square meters): 650
Equipment and machinery: Eccentric presses, 10-100t, wire flattener, metal scissors, bending press, CO2 welding machines, spring-production machines, automatic grinder for springs, lathe
Free capacity: Stamping - 700 hr/month, metal cutting 550 hr/month, metal bending 600 hr/month, CO2 welding 400 hr/month
Awards, innovations, acknowledgements:
Communication languages German
Certificates, e.g. ISO 9000:
Other information:
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