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Obrada plastike i plexistakla: details
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Obrada plastike i plexistakla
Name: Surname:
Aleksandra Nampamer
Address Zip City/town
I.G.Kovačića 26 40311 Lopatinec
Phone numbers: Fax Cell phone:
E-mail: Web page (URL)
Craft Register of the Republic of Croatia

Other potential activities:
  • Production of other paper and cardboard products
  • Engraving and printing
Production program - typical products and services: Printing self-adhesive labels, inscription plates for copany names, printing company logos on plexiglas and on the back of plexiglas for durability and effect, eye examination aids for doctors (negatoscope optotype).
Important references, products, and services: Plexiglas flag racks for Sirela, Dukat, Croatia Airlines; rulers for Croatia Airlines promotional product, Plexiglas Croatian arm on INA building in Zagreb, all business premises in Podravka, negatoscopes and optoscopes for Hospitalija
Year of registration: 1986
Number of employees: 3
Workshop surface (in square meters): 145
Equipment and machinery: Plotter for cutting foil, machine for copying on plastic and metal, illuminating lamp, circular saw for cutting plastic glass, phaser, vacuumer, machines for bending plexiglas and plastic, silk screen print table
Free capacity:
Awards, innovations, acknowledgements:
Communication languages Croatian
Certificates, e.g. ISO 9000:
Other information:
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