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Izrada polirnih koluta i veletrgovina: details
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Izrada polirnih koluta i veletrgovina
Name: Surname:
Mijo Dlesk
Address Zip City/town
Velika Ves 109 49224 Lepajci
Phone numbers: Fax Cell phone:
E-mail: Web page (URL)
Craft Register of the Republic of Croatia

Other potential activities:
  • Production of grinding products
Production program - typical products and services: Production of polishing brushes and hoops for goldsmithing and dental techniques, production of felt hoops in all sizes and hardnesses, production of grinding tapes and grinding rolls.
Important references, products, and services:
Year of registration:
Number of employees: 0
Workshop surface (in square meters): 0
Equipment and machinery:
Free capacity:
Awards, innovations, acknowledgements:
Communication languages Croatian
Certificates, e.g. ISO 9000:
Other information:
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